Episode 11 - Superman, Tim Gunn, And Other Everyday Heroes

Title: Superman, Tim Gunn, And Other Everyday Heroes (October 8, 2010)

Glen Weldon returns to the panel but Stephen Thompson’s stint at jury duty causes him to miss this episode. This necessitates the first ever deployment of the emergency back-up Mike Katzif! This episode is particularly superhero-y as they weigh the merits of a Superman reboot by director Zack Snyder. Glen gripes about the punishing literalism that Snyder imposes upon comic book adaptations, while the rest of the panel argue the necessity of a new Superman origin story coming at the heels of the largely unsuccessful Superman Returns from director Bryan Singer. The discussion touches upon various casting rumors and the Superman-Clark Kent true identity conundrum.

They also lightly touch upon the horror and b-movie direct-to-video genre, particularly Roger Corman’s Cult Classics DVD collection released by Shout! Factory. Some fun is had from the titles (and Mike’s deadpan delivery). They also discuss Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and how the aspect of fright in the movie comes from what is unseen.

What Is Making Them Happy

Glen -The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection. Glen plays clips from several of these tracks, needless to say, puts a thrill down the entire panel’s spines. He notes the sad absence of the Batgirl theme.

Trey - Marry Ann in Autumn by Armistead Maupin. Trey gives a short overview of Maupin’s Tales of the City universe and characterizes reading it as, “Running into a an old friend in a neighborhood that you both used to know really well, and sitting down with two glasses of wine and the understanding that you’re going to finish the bottle.”

Mike - The now-cancelled AMC show Rubicon. He praises the deliberateness of the storytelling and the influence of ’70s paranoia movies such as Three Days of the Condor.

Linda - Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work, the memoir written by Project Runway's Tim Gunn. She points out some bracing personal revelations and some fashion bitchery included.

Some Episode Highlights

  • Glen makes a few callbacks to Episode 10 (Trey and Barrie’s Twighlight-esque romance, Pop Culture Firsts of Childhood)
  • Basically, young Glen loved 1978’s Superman movie.
  • Zack Snyder’s filmography as mentioned on the podcast: 300, Watchmen, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (or as Trey put it, “The Owls of Ga Hoo-ha”)
  • The newest iteration (Man of Steel, slated for 2013) is produced by Christopher Nolan, causing Trey to inquire whether they joy and color will be removed from Superman.
  • The panel discusses the Richard Donner iteration at some length including but not limited to Clark’s exaggerated wimpiness, the floating head of Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman wig-ripping, and the Silver Bean Bag Chair of Love. (visual reference)
  • Linda mentions her old fandom for the Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher vehicle Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, a relic of which is a headshot of Dean Cain addressed to Linda saying, “Super Wishes.”
  • First use of the “When Are They Going To Get to the Fireworks Factory?" argument.
  • Mike Katzif makes parallels between Superman and The Godfather.
  • The horror movie titles mentioned in the podcast are: Humanoids from the Deep (1980), Death Sport (1978, starring David Carradine) and Battle Truck (1982), The Terror Within (1989), Dead Space (1991, starring the Emmy-winning Bryan Cranston), The Slumber Party Massacre trilogy, and films by Hammer Film Productions.
  • The panel’s reaction to Linda’s statement that she only saw Jaws for the first time recently.
  • Trey Graham-Glen Weldon gay-off reference (Callback to Episode 10)
  • Linda mentions a small controversy regarding Lifetime’s production team and logistical problems during the filming of Runway.
  • Glen: “Tim Gunn’s superpower is that he’s always right.”